Minggu, 15 Maret 2015

What is teeth whitening paint?

 teeth whitening paint
Many people while meeting strangers feel hesitation; they make excuses to avoid them. It is all due to bad look of their teeth. They feel embarrassed of their teeth look. But now it is not a problem as there is a new product available for these problems and that is teeth whitening paint. It is used by professionals and its affect can be seen. By using these paints one can go to meet strangers and can shake someone’s hand with confidence and flashing his white and wholesome smile.

These teeth whitening paints do not require any special whitening trays and through it paint can be applied directly on the teeth so that paint can solidify on the teeth and act as a white film over the real tooth. Other advantages of these paints are that they are easy to use, relatively cheap and can be applied to individual teeth selectively.

This teeth whitening paint has primary bleaching ingredient such as carbamide peroxide agent or hydrogen peroxide which is used to solve the problems related to teeth. There are different types of paints available in the market. Some are applied for a period of 30 minutes while some for time of sleeping at the night. The best part of this whitening paint is that it can be removed simply by brushing the teeth.

 teeth whitening paint

This teeth whitening paint is safe and non- toxic and it gives the appearance of natural and white healthy teeth on one’s face. This paint can also be utilized to bright the crowns veneers and caps used in the teeth. This teeth whitening paint is the best solution for those people who do not want any big hassle and a big amount of money to be spent on treatment of their teeth. Through this teeth whitening paint people are saying good bye to their yellow or discolored teeth. 

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Jumat, 13 Maret 2015

What is a teeth whitening pen?

teeth whitening pen
Some people by looking at their friend’s smile imagine that they also get the same smile. It can be possible if they use a teeth whitening pen. This pen is a miracle which makes one’s teeth white. The best part of this pen is that it is safe, affordable and the most important is that it shows its effect quickly. It also saves the money which one has to give to a dentist for bleaching of teeth and the time spent in sitting with the dentist. Mainly it is designed by the experts and most of the dentists recommended this pen to those who want to get white teeth.

It is very simple to use. Firstly one has to rotate the bottom of this pen so that a small amount of gel is expelled on the brush. After that apply this gel on to the teeth and allow it to dry for 60 seconds. It works by bleaching the stains from the teeth. This gel should not be removed as it will go naturally or when one brushes the teeth. After applying this gel one has not to drink or brush teeth for 10 minutes to get full results.

 After one application of this gel, whitening can be noticed. This teeth whitening pen has various advantages which makes it a desire of the people. The best part of this pen is that it is small- sized and handy enough to be placed in the pocket of jeans or in the handbag. Whitening teeth through this pen is a short process and thus it is less time consuming. Another plus point of this pen is that gel used in this pen is transparent which cannot be seen.

teeth whitening pen

Because of all the above reasons a teeth whitening pen is ideal product for whitening the teeth and also it is effectual, handy and offered at cheap rates. 

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Kamis, 12 Maret 2015

What are the common myths associated with teeth whitening?

myths associated with teeth whitening
The myths associated with teeth whitening restrict many people from enjoying the desirable benefits of different products and effective techniques. These myths are misleading the people thus resulting in an imperfect smile and lack of social interaction.
Here are some myths along with actual facts of teeth whitening-

Myth 1:- The only effective treatment of teeth whitening is through laser.
Fact: - This is not true that only laser whitening is an effective treatment because there are lots of other solutions present nowadays. Dentists may also suggest having a laser treatment as it provides immediate results. One can enjoy a good smile even with some cost effective methods such as home teeth whitening kits.

Myth 2:- All kits available for teeth whitening are same.
Fact: - This statement is absolutely wrong because different kits are available for different kind of users. Different ingredients are used in order to provide distinct results suiting the needs of people.

Myth 3:- Whitening kits are very harmful for gum and teeth.
Fact: - This is not possible that every teeth whitening kit is harmful but this depends upon the quality and brand of kit purchased by an individual. A high quality and well reputed teeth whitening kit will offer immediate and effective results but do not harm gum and teeth.

Myth 4:- Teeth whitening will weaken one’s teeth.
Fact: - There is no such factual research that can prove that teeth whitening weaken the teeth, thus this statement cannot be considered as correct. Nowadays, the process of teeth whitening is very effective and does not weaken one’s teeth.

Myth 5:- The results of teeth whitening are permanent.
Fact: - This is not true that teeth whitening results are permanent because one may have to visit dentists again and again.

myths associated with teeth whitening

With proper attention and choosing highly skilled and experienced dentist one can easily enjoy great benefits of teeth whitening.

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Rabu, 11 Maret 2015

What are teeth whitening strips?

teeth whitening strip
Teeth whitening strips is the new innovation in the counter of products for teeth bleaching. The main idea in providing this product to people is to achieve less messy, whitening, superior, simpler system for whitening the teeth. These strips are thin, flexible, clear pieces of plastics or polyethylene in which one side is coated with a thin film of bleaching agent mainly hydrogen peroxide. They are designed in a way that the strip itself becomes bleaching agent’s delivery system.

These strips are very easy to use. This strip is put simply on the user’s teeth and then pressed gently into place so that it is stabilized and makes maximum contact between the teeth which has to be treated with the strip’s whitener. After the passing of treatment time, the strip is simply taken out and it is discarded. Mainly these strips are worn for thirty minutes in a day and twice a day. Treatment duration depends on the particular product and conditions of teeth. For course of 2 weeks these whitening strips have been coated with a whitener such as hydrogen peroxide where its concentration is 6%. In 2 weeks 56 strips will be used, 28 for lower teeth and 28 for upper. If course is of one week, the strips are coated with 10% whitener.

teeth whitening strip

In this teeth whitening strip, no tray is needed as in the case of bleach treatment which are bulky and messy to wear, to fill and to remove. These teeth whitening strips are so effective that it provides best results to the user. Due to advantages of this treatment, most of the people find it the best treatment as it creates little interference of one’s daily activities. Due to its ease in working and relatively low cost it becomes one’s perfect choice in treatment of teeth. After trying these strips people feel that they have achieved the success what they wanted.

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Selasa, 10 Maret 2015

What are DIY teeth whitening kits? Are they safe for use?

DIY teeth whitening system
Every person wants to flash a sparkling smile and to do this whiter teeth are required. Though there are number of dentists providing teeth whitening treatments, but to get the most economical and easiest treatment one can try DIY teeth whitening kits. These are designed specifically for people who don’t want to spend money on the expensive treatments given by a dentist. The best part is that the person doesn’t have to go anywhere to get dazzling teeth. At one’s home this kit containing proper system provides satisfactory results. These kits are very cheap as compared to the dental surgeries available for this purpose.

The DIY teeth whitening system is a purely professional system and can be used without any problem. This method is the safest to get rid of discoloration. Also it saves a lot of time because everyone knows that an appointment with a dentist is much time consuming. To preserve the teeth from bacteria and fungi this is the best solution. No one can avoid the drinking and the eating items which give rise to the tooth decay or staining so this is the ultimate product for all these problems.

The teeth whitening kits are easily available on most of the drug stores. Even a person can order them on the internet. Because of the benefits associated with these kits these have become the choice of everyone. These kits are usually available in the form of strips or bleaching gel which is tested in advance so there is no question of harming the teeth or even gums. The easy availability, less expensive and less time consuming are some of the most essential benefits of these wonderful kits. This works like magic and gives instant results.

The DIY teeth whitening kits

The DIY teeth whitening kits are not just safe but suit the need of every person looking for the best method to get brighter teeth.

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Senin, 09 Maret 2015

Surgical vs. natural teeth whitening solutions

natural ways of getting whiter teeth
Its believed that the natural ways of getting whiter teeth is safer then the surgical techniques. The most common natural method for getting the spotless teeth is flossing and brushing properly. These are evolved as the long term and safest methods and their effectiveness is witnessed by a lot of people around the world. On the other hand some find the surgical procedures more rewarding. Most of these people are in the habit of smoking or having other drinks and food items making the teeth stained. So to get rid of these stains one can get help of the available surgical treatments. So the surgical procedures are for the exceptional cases.

If a person wants to maintain healthy and white teeth then cleaning them properly after drinking or eating something is the only requirement. The proper cleaning will eliminate the risk of decaying or getting stained. Brushing is the safest tool for getting the brighter teeth but one can also use some natural solutions available for teeth whitening like peroxide. But using it frequently is not good for the enamel so apply it only if there is no way around and that too at different intervals. The other natural way is using the mixture of the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda as toothpaste. This solution can help in attaining back the natural color of the tooth.

natural ways of getting whiter teeth

The natural treatments take more time as compared to the surgical ones but they are believed to be effective in the long run. Also these treatments make a person spend less than the surgical procedures. But those who want to get instant results can take the help of the dental treatments. The treatment’s selection depends on the individual’s own choice and preference. Both natural and surgical methods have advantages or disadvantages so decision of the person must be based on these facts. 

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Sabtu, 07 Maret 2015

Pros and cons of laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening treatments
Today, laser treatments are easily available for several problems. One such problem is tooth discoloration. Laser teeth whitening treatments are very much in demand. Laser dental treatments deal with the problems like gum disease, teeth decay and teeth whitening. The laser activates the solution of the peroxide bleach present on the teeth surface and makes teeth whiter ultimately. The laser teeth whitening system is the fastest of all other means. But before going for this treatment one must know about its pros and cons.

Pros of laser teeth whitening treatment:
·         The laser treatment gives the most visible effects than the other treatments. Also the laser is the finest dental tool which makes them achieve the best results in just few seconds.

·         The speed of this treatment makes it look convenient to the client also. Because of the time shortage everyone wants to get the work done quickly. So it’s best for those who have busy schedule.

·         A person can give confident smile after getting this treatment and can win the hearts of many with the killing smile because of the whiter teeth.

·         Also it’s believed to be the most comfortable treatment because of the technique used and the time taken. Laser teeth whitening heighten the comfort zone.

Cons of laser teeth whitening treatments:
  • The major disadvantage of this treatment is that some of the people show sensitivity towards the rays of the laser.
  • Some also face increased gum problems and other dental complications long after taking this treatment.
  • The laser teeth whitening treatments are also the most expensive ones than the other treatments in the same category.

By taking into account the pros and cons of this laser procedure related to the dental surgery one can easily take the most effective decision suiting one’s requirements. 

teeth whitening treatment

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