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What are teeth whitening strips?

teeth whitening strip
Teeth whitening strips is the new innovation in the counter of products for teeth bleaching. The main idea in providing this product to people is to achieve less messy, whitening, superior, simpler system for whitening the teeth. These strips are thin, flexible, clear pieces of plastics or polyethylene in which one side is coated with a thin film of bleaching agent mainly hydrogen peroxide. They are designed in a way that the strip itself becomes bleaching agent’s delivery system.

These strips are very easy to use. This strip is put simply on the user’s teeth and then pressed gently into place so that it is stabilized and makes maximum contact between the teeth which has to be treated with the strip’s whitener. After the passing of treatment time, the strip is simply taken out and it is discarded. Mainly these strips are worn for thirty minutes in a day and twice a day. Treatment duration depends on the particular product and conditions of teeth. For course of 2 weeks these whitening strips have been coated with a whitener such as hydrogen peroxide where its concentration is 6%. In 2 weeks 56 strips will be used, 28 for lower teeth and 28 for upper. If course is of one week, the strips are coated with 10% whitener.

teeth whitening strip

In this teeth whitening strip, no tray is needed as in the case of bleach treatment which are bulky and messy to wear, to fill and to remove. These teeth whitening strips are so effective that it provides best results to the user. Due to advantages of this treatment, most of the people find it the best treatment as it creates little interference of one’s daily activities. Due to its ease in working and relatively low cost it becomes one’s perfect choice in treatment of teeth. After trying these strips people feel that they have achieved the success what they wanted.

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